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Ukrainian Recruiting Agency – a company with many years of experience in the field of employment and staff leasing in Ukraine, was founded in 2003.

We helped many people to expand their horizons and find the job of their dreams, and employers to satisfy their needs, find professionals and enthusiasts of their work.

In 2018, and we decided to expand our horizons and added to the services – employment in other countries. At the moment we cooperate with employers from Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Germany, Norway, Holland, England, the list is expanding and we invite you to cooperate because we work only with trusted employers.


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Sure, our services will help you choose the best solution for yourself.

How we are working?

  • 1 Our principles are honesty and kindness!
  • 2 Our team is a friendly, kind and professional team.
  • 3 Only legal employment. Reliable proven foreign partners.
  • 4 High level of professionalism in working with clients. High-quality design of your documents.
  • 5 Accompanying clients until full employment or start training.
  • 6 Permanent customer support abroad, assistance in solving all issues.
  • 7 We do not ignore or change phone numbers. Open to all our customers and always in touch!
We work all over Ukraine!

You can get advice, anywhere in Ukraine, wherever you are.

We will help you arrange all the necessary documents for going to work or starting your studies.

Our staff will accompany you at all stages.

To change your life for the better, you need to take only one step – to call or come to us.

Do not wait!

Start making money!

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Our information is true
We maintain the agreed dates as much as possible.
We provide complete information about the country, place of residence. We advise when you are abroad
A responsibility
We comply with the agreed deadlines and other commitments
You can always get a free consultation. Each client is guaranteed an individual approach.
All works are performed exclusively within the framework of the existing legal field.
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Feedback from our customers

Sergey | Builder

Good day to all.

I want to advise Ukrainian Recruitment Agency. With their help, he left and worked in Poland at a construction site. I learned how it all works and I understood a lot of things, working abroad is not as easy as it seems, but possible.

Valery | Driver

A good company I recommend to everyone. No agency can guarantee you that everything will be 100% as you want at work, because this is another country and there are many different factors, here and in your own country when you arrange how much everything can change in the process of work. The main thing is that the agency does not disappear, to be in touch and ready to help if problems arise at the site.

All this can be said about the company URA

Victor | Junior Technical Specialist

I work in Slovakia, everything that was warned about turned out to be so. I got a residence permit, I work a lot and I see a prospect.

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